I’ve been unable to get out of bed today. Just couldn’t motivate myself to do anything. 12 weeks since my husband died and feeling more lost than ever.Feel as though I had been doing well - getting out meeting friends and even had a holiday.!I was maybe trying too hard to be ‘normal’.Such a bad day but I then found this forum and read some of the posts. It’s helped in that I know other people feel the way I do at present but it’s scares me to know how long it can last. Not sure how to cope with it. Just miss him so much .

So sorry for your loss.You must be heart broken like me.I lost my husband two years ago and i miss him everyday.Some days like today i just cry and cry yet other days i am okay ,I think it all part of the grieving process we all go through.I just wish i had the words to say to you to make you feel better.But there are no words that anyone can say to you except just take one day at a time.And eventually like me you will learn to adjust to the change in your life even though it is not easy and it is not what you wanted.I am sorry if you think i am rambling on but i am not very good with words
take care brendaj

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