My husband passed away in November after a short illness (lung cancer) we were married 19 years I’m finding it so difficult to cope I miss him so much everyday our daughter is 19 lives a fair distance away busy with work etc she’s devastated too I also miss the days out we used to have I cannot face going anywhere we went together it hurts too much

Oh dear, I am so sorry to read your message and want to express my sorrow at the loss of your husband. My husband also passed at the end of November, we had been happily married for 46 years, so I know exactly how you are feeling. We did everything together, and the thought of not doing all the wonderful things we loved to do together, is very sad. I think it is still very early days, and I am trying to do “little steps” one day at a time. Thinking of you and sending you best wishes that you will find strength. Elaine

I think that all of us who are posting on here feel the same. My husband died last June and I don’t seem to be making much headway. Even shopping upsets me when I see all the items I used to order for him from Tesco. I hate living alone but have no choice as there is nowhere else for me to go. I am lucky to have family fairly close by but they have all settled back into their own lives and seem to think I should be better by now. Little do they know what it feels like to lose someone you have been married to for 66 years. I am pinning my hopes on getting better when the days are longer and the weather warmer. Thank goodness the Festive season is over. I hope that you will find some peace in the new year but it takes a long time to recover. Kind regards. Eileen

Don’t really know where to start this is my first time online I’m feeling really overwhelmed I lost my mum and husband in September 2016 thought I was coping but the last few weeks have been awful Everyone says it will get bettter but I feel I’m unraveling Really panicked and shaking fearful of everything I just want to feel there are others here who can understand I really feel the pain in your posts and do understand My best wishes to you all

I am sorry Gaby, I feel your pain, and I wanted to reach out to you To lose your mum and husband in the same month is so sad and I’m sorry to hear that the grief has returned, when you thought you were coping. I understand what you say when you mention you feel “panicked and shaking fearful” I also experience these feelings at times, its horrid and you just can’t help it, maybe its a way of getting rid of the grief? I can only sympathise with you and everyone else who has written on this online community. My loss is very recent, 29th November 2017, but I can relate to everything you have written. I’m thinking of you and hope that you can find some peace. Best wishes from Elaine