Overwhelming panic

I keep having panic attacks about mum and not being able to see her or speak to her, it’s unbearable I just can’t believe it :disappointed:

4 months in now


Sitting here in the aftermath of a panic attack, 6 months in from losing my dad, and just wanted to say I understand. It really is unbearable without them. Sending lots of hugs. :heart:


I understand too :cry:

Sending hugs to both you @stardust2023 and @Ulma xx


I’m just so sorry we’re all here and suffering this much. Xx

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We all understand what you are going through, it is extremely difficult.

Try fighting your panic attack with you being the stronger person
Try remembering the word ICE and go get a ice cube and apply it over your face and hands
Try going through youtube videos and finding a solution the next day.

You are brave than you think, always here for you

Sending some love , Im sorry you are experiencing this . Please be gentle on you x

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Me too. I wish none of us had to be here. :people_hugging:

Hello @stardust2023,

I’m so sorry that you’re having panic attacks. I hope that the responses you’ve had on this thread have helped you to feel less alone.

I wanted to share this video from Mind on coping with panic attacks that you, @Woo4 and @Ulma might find helpful:

Mind also have a guide on managing panic attacks on their website.

Take good care :blue_heart: