Pain of losing someone is so intense

I lost my partner and soul mate of 31 years in a climbing accident. Its been just over 5 months and the pain is so deep that it hurts greatly. Although I go out on walks my life feels so empty and I cannot believe he has gone. I think I must of been in shock initially and now the reality is so much more painful. It’s like my whole life has disappeared and I am living in a void of darkness. I have always been a upbeat person and use to love dancing. The grief has knocked this out of me. Wondering if it will ever lessen. Diane.

Your feelings are absolutely normal. Everyone on this site can relate to your words. I am 25 months into losing my gorgeous Wife. We were together 40 years and my soul mate. The pain can be excruciating and you are in such an early stage. Life has changed completely… for the worse…and not by choice. I so understand and feel for you. My beautiful Wife was Diana and only 59. Life is cruel. Take care

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Thank you such kind words and reassurance.

Please post as and when you are struggling. Everyone on here totally understands how you feel. People in our lives are helpful but the truth is, they have absolutely no idea what we are all going through. Not their fault as we have probably all been guilty in the past. Look after yourself Diane, and everyone else who is struggling x


I have just lost my soul mate of 40 years and feel like half of me is missing. The pain of waking up each morning to him not being beside me is excruciating. I lost my sister in 2010 and it has taken me years to come to terms with losing her. Getting support is hard due to People needing support because of COVID. To watch someone you love die in front of you is so terrible.

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Everything you say is true. So very sorry for your loss. It’s very early days for you too. Also the sudden death of your soulmate must have been devastating.
I agree about the pain of waking up alone, it is absolutely excruciating.
There is support on here. I hope you find something that helps you.
Take care, Janey x

Thank you so much.