I only had the funeral of my partner yesterday we had been together 35 years i have this aching pain across my middle that just wont go i feel like i have lost a part of me


Dear @Debbie22

Welcome to the Community. I am sorry to hear of the loss of your partner. Have you got family and friends that can support you?

It might be worth considering some one-to-one counselling if you are interested. You can find out about the free online counselling service Sue Ryder provides here.

Have you thought about booking an appointment with your GP to see how they can support you.

Please know, you do not need to struggle alone. If you would like details of other organisations who may also be able to help, either at this time or further down the line, please do let us know either on here or by emailing

Take care.


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Thank you Pepsi yes i have good support from family and i will think about what you have recommend


Hi debbie sorry for your loss when we lose a loved one we do lose a part of and the pain is so bad glad you have pamily that will support you
its early days yet i lost my husband just over 2 months now i still have good and bad days but getting a bit better now dont cry so much but still miss him terribly

just take one day at a time and baby steps

take care

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Thank you

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Oh Debbie, you will have that pain, and when you say you feel like you’ve lost a part of you, you definitely HAVE lost a part of you. After 35 years together losing a beloved partner is a dreadful feeing.
As Pat say “one day at a time and baby steps” definitely works for me. Some days when I felt really bad, I would just go to bed and hope to feel better the next day. Luckily for me, I often did feel ever so slightly better.
Take care, be very kind to yourself, you will learn to live with this awful thing called grief.
Janey x

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Thank you so much yes small steps reading through things on here even tho it is early days for me is helping thanks Janey
Debbie x


Hi Debbie
glad you feel a bit better reading through posts on here people are so supportive and helpful it certanly helped me get through to where i am now with the help of my dog too taking her for walks