Can someone take this pain away please it’s just so lonely being here all alone

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You are not on your own. It’s a horrific journey we find ourselves on. Sending you a massive hug & love x❤️

I’m on my own too and it’s awful, fortunately through this forum we have some means of communication with others in similar situations to reach out to.
Sending you a hug :hugs:
Jen x

Hello there
I’m so sorry for you. If only we could take away the pain for you and ourselves. No one has invented anything yet. Early days for you and still so very raw. So many of us are alone but we do learn to cope in time.
Keep on this site and you won’t be alone.

Thanks it helped to know I not alone x

You are never alone I feel the same and weekends are the worst
The loneliness is awful and it is 4 wks tomorrow since John Died.
Funeral on the 24th . I am not looking forward to it as dont want to say goodbye.

Try to keep positive , everyone says it gets easier with time. I hope so.
Thinking of you x

I know what your saying but it’s so very hard had enough of crying x