…weekends always make me feel the worst…we used to love the weekends…:sleepy:

I can’t explain the pain I feel,
Now that we’re apart
The physical intensity,
A dagger through my heart

You were my very prescious thing,
My reason to exist
Now your gone, I can’t go on
Living life like this

Everyday is harder now
I just cannot pretend
That things are getting easier
And I am on the mend

The truth is that I’m feeling worse
Increasingly each day
I wish that I could end this pain
I need to find a way

My grief is causing agony
A torture so profound
As though my very soul is being
Trod into the ground

This hurt that I experience
I’m glad you’ll never own
Your struggle ended when you went
And left me all alone

But now I have to carry this
great burden from now on
To somehow learn to live without you
Now that you are gone

The thought of this fills me with fear
I’m truly terrified
My heart and soul are broken now
I’m dying from inside

I’m looking at my future and
There’s nothing I can see
That tells me I can be the person
I’m supposed to be

That person died along with you
Whilst sitting by your bed
Two lives were lost that fateful day
A unity now dead

…hope everyone gets through the weekend ok :heavy_heart_exclamation:


This says exactly what i am feeling today . Its a beautiful day and we would be doing something . Now its just me trying to sort out the garden. Which my husband was doing before he was taken ill i will have to get a gardner sorted as im not a gardner and limited mobility .
I feel abanded and left to deal with things i dont know about
I really appreciate this group, thank you everybody and sending you all a hug


@UnityMan you have just summed me up precisely. Lovely poem as always. Sitting reading this in tears. I HATE weekends now too. Take care


@SHEWITCH sorry you are struggling today but you are not alone. I too feel overwhelmed with now being responsible for everything. So many things around the house, the car etc that I don’t have a clue about. How do others deal with this? Sending hugs