Hello, I lost my husband in May after being diagnosed with cancer on the 18th of May. I try so hard to be strong and keep busy. But the tears keep coming and the pain does not fade. I am dreading Christmas, I would like to go to sleep and wake up when it’s all over


Im so sorry for your loss. I lost my husband in August, he was a big kid at Xmas so its so hard without him. Im sure it’ll get easier like i keep hearing. Guess all we can do, is support each other the best we can. Take care, xxx


Sorry for your loss. My husband, Mark passed Nov 2020, and this is the 3rd Xmas without him. It still hurts, and he is missed so very much but I am feeling a little more optimistic than previous years. The only advice I can offer is just do as much or as little as you can cope with. There’s no Xmas police to say you’re doing it wrong, so if you feel like staying in bed all day then do just that. Don’t be bullied into doing more than you feel comfortable with by family or friends, even though they do it with the best of intentions, because they are not on your journey, sadly it’s one we have to do alone. Have a peaceful Xmas :sparkling_heart:


I hope that this platform will help, I have friends and family, so I know I am lucky. But do you find as the weeks go by they all think you are ok, mainly because that’s what you say. Don’t want to burden people. But when i am alone I just cry and talk to him. Can’t believe he has gone. I feel like there is no joy or happiness left. Don’t get me wrong I am
not suicidal, I just can’t see a future. Small steps. My heart goes out to you for your loss x


I Completely understand your feelings as I too tell everyone I’m fine, but really I’m not. Sometimes I feel lonelier when I’m with others. I really can’t see a way forward. It just seems so overwhelming and unbelievable.


What upsets me, is being with my family but when they leave, the silence is deafening. Im happy my children have partners, but oh how i wish i was still part of a couple.

I think that is the problem is most people are in couples, so you are suddenly the odd one out. Never really understood loneliness before. I hate the fact that I can’t do anything impromptu, no one yo be spontaneous with