It’s been 3 weeks since we buried my dad and it hurts soo much.if I stopped I feel like I will breakdown into a heap,and I’m trying to be strong but it’s so hard I just want him to come back.

Tree, it’s hard and you sound a strong person who just wants her dad to give her a cuddle. I am a volunteer on here because I too have lost, in my case my soulmate and I don’t think a day goes by without me feeling that loss. The early days are the worst because we can’t get our head around what has happened and in time some of it gets easier even though it never goes away totally but would we want it to? The love you had is no longer there and it’s very personal so others don’t see it the same. Small baby steps and always be kind to yourself and even more so with the virus being around, so please take care. Time, that’s what it takes, just time. Bless you S

Hi Tree
Oh I felt that way for several months. Grief is pain. That is what it felt like to me too. 11 months ago.
Next stage for me was adrenalin- felt like jumping off of a high building over and over - didnt eat, heart racing.
I wish I had a formula to bring ur dad back and mine and everyone’s. That is what you really want and need. The most important people in our lives. We are powerless. Its painful.
There is hope. The pain subsides. The adrenalin subsides. Its just time filled with doing new things and a ton of support from friends. Now I cry alot less. Still cant believe it happened. My dad was sudden and out of nowhere - cardiac arrest in his sleep. Sometimes I try to call him to tell him something or ask him to lunch and then remember that I cant do that.
I can 100% assure you that you will feel better. Every one on earth loses loved ones and eventually loved ones lose us. Most people are still happy and can enjoy the sunshine and flowers again eventually.

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Thank you for the work which you do for this forum, and I am very sorry that you have lost your soulmate.
I believe that love never dies, I do agree that love is personal and that we should be kind to ourselves, especially at such a trying time with the lockdown. It is dreadful for all of us going through the separation from those we love and our loved ones too. I am yearning and I know I am not alone in this, to see my family after all these weeks.
Thanks again and stay safe,

Hi Tree1 x I know exactly how you feel, I feel worse now than before my dad’s funeral, I keep thinking tomorrow will be better but it isn’t. It all seems unreal, I keep thinking he will call me to pick him up from the hospital, but he won’t, and the thought of me never seeing him again is just unbearable, the pain is incredible, I’m haunted by the way he went, I can’t function. Sending you huge hugs, please know you are not alone xx