Panic attacks

Lost my husband New Year’s Eve found him on New Year’s Day in bed having passed in the night since this day I have had to cope with changing all the bills pensions debtsAnd probate. He has been a difficult 12 weeks and I have experienced terrible anxiety in my stomach. This weekend for the first time I experienced what could only be called as a out of body experience commonly known as a panic attack which rendered me shaking and weak for two days. Has anybody else had the same experience I am looking at EDMR therapy Any views?

Dear Copthorne

It is so difficult dealing with everything on top of loosing our loved ones and dealing with the grief. I can only describe my experience since loosing my husband suddenly as sitting and thinking I am looking in on someone else’s life. There was no shaking but certainly it drained me of all my energy, probably all the tears when the realisation hits again.

The incidents have lessened but still feel sometimes this is happening to someone else not my family.

Thank you for responding. Yes I know that feeling it’s so terribly lonely I have started the procedure to see a EDMR therapist so hoping that will ease the shock anxiety snd pain. You keep well and I hope it eases for you with time snd love of yr family. Take care

Hi Copthorne

Thank you. Take care.