Panic Attacks

Hi, have other people found they are suffering from these since losing someone?

They started about a week ago and are mind blowing. I literally am stopped in my tracks whatever I am doing. Feels like I am being hit very hard by something. No rapid breathing or the usual things that go with panic attacks just this terrible feeling like a punch in the stomach.

Hi pah I suffered panic attacks when my partner died I got them when I had to go out it was the most weird feeling I have ever experienced going doing everyday things was not a problem until Robert died then I felt very vulnerable and insecure I was told it was just part of the grieving process everyone’s grief is different I hope this helps you take care x

Hi Janey, thanks for that. Someone suggested seeing the doctor but don’t really want to unless I have to. Good to know it is just part of the process as it were. Will carry on taking lots of deep slow breaths and hope for the best.

Got panic attacks cooking the evening meal. I’ve lost interest in my love of cooking.

Yes… panic attacks and anxity attacks. I have to do things like wear headphones and chew gum when in town (reduces noise and gives me something to focus on), take my inhaler and spacers everywhere I go, learn to pace my breathing, have lots of different textured blankets on my bed and low lighting in my room, if in a public place then find a bathroom space my feet shoulder-width apart and put my forhead on the wall…

Sorry to hear that so many of you have panic attacks. A big thank you to Lost for sharing those tips with everyone - they sound really helpful.

Yes thank you Lost. Had a shocker today at the bus stop. Got on the bus finally and deep breathed all the way home. Collapsed in tears when home however but at least not in public.

Oh dear, Phiz, that sounds awful. Did the deep breathing help at all?

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