Hello everyone, how are you all doing, trying to cope with our loss and now this pandemic.
I don’t know what is happening in your area, but as I have been confined to my home due to being in the vulnerable section I shop online, have done since Peter started being ill but now because of all this panic buying, I cannot get a slot for nearly two months. I cannot get to the supermarkets as I am isolating, I asked our sons to get me some veg, fresh fruit and paracetamol but they forgot, doesn’t bode well does it, nothing fresh in to eat, only frozen but cannot even get frozen veg and fruit anymore. Luckily, I am taking multi vitamin tablets.
Love to all and try and keep up our spirits in this crazy world.
We didn’t have this in the war, we had ration books, but even then if you could not get to a shop for your goods, a neighbour would help you, I have not seen my neighbours since this started, they come out of their front doors and into their cars. As far as they know I could be dead.

Hi sheila

I am near maidstone in Kent and things are pretty dire round here. I haven’t found paracetamol for 2 weeks and have had to wait for a headache to go naturally this week although it took 3 days.
Supermarket shelves are pretty empty. My Tesco advised me to arrive at 6am yesterday morning. I arrived at 5.30am and was 10th in the queue. There must have been 100 people by the time the store opened.
I headed straight for toilet rolls and managed to get 2 packs. There were only 4 packs left on the shelf
There is still no pasta, rice, sauces, and similar long life products. There is plenty of fruit and veg though and I’m very angry that your sons forgot to get you any.
They continually amaze me with their selfishness.
I’m sure we will get our act together soon.
In the meantime can you contact anyone else?
Living on vitamins is not right.
Can you contact the doctors surgery for a prescription for painkillers?
Can you reach out to your neighbours for support?
Unfortunately we are living in really selfish dog eat dog times.
Cheryl x

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Thank you Cheryl,
I had an argument with my GP about not being able to buy any Paracetamol for my long term illness, I cannot take any other sort due to complications. I threatened him with the General medical council and he agreed to put 100 Paracetamol on my repeat prescription, but that doesn’t mean to say I will get any, it depends if the chemist has any in when they delivery my prescription next week.
I never see my neighbours and to be honest,they have their own families to think about.
I have just rung both my sons today to ask them to ensure they get me some frozen vegetables if they cannot get fresh but message goes to voicemail, it makes me so very angry, I can see me having to ring Age UK for help in the next few weeks if I can’t get a delivery slot for my food otherwise I will starve, to be truthful, I don’t give a damn anymore.

If you use facebook you could join your local village town group. On my local village they are listing small outlets like cafes, gardencentres and pubs who are now doing deliveries of food. They are trying to keep afloat during difficult times.

Dear Daffy,
Thank you,
I will have a look, I am on Facebook.

You may not care anymore sheila and I understand but you dont want to die starving.
Your sons are dreadful, I’m sorry to say.
Please reach out to any local volunteers.
Is there anyone you chat to on sue Ryder that lives local?

Oh Sheila. If I lived near you I would help you. There will be people that are willing to do so. Can anyone on Sue Ryder help. I’m happy to put a parcel together for you that I could send to you.

Dear Cp1971 and Jooles,

Thank you so much for caring, but I am at the moment okay for food and essentials. When my Peter started being ill in 2008, I had to get in plenty of online groceries as I didn’t know when I would be able to nip to the local supermarket, then as time went on I could not leave the house as he could not be left alone. I got used to ensuring I had all the basics in, so I do have a well stocked cupboard,it is the fresh and frozen food I cannot get, I have started making my own bread and yogurt but even now, getting hold of flour and yeast is difficult, I have had to buy wine making yeast and hope that works. I checked Facebook to see if local shops were delivering food but they have sold out of everything and are not taking any more orders.
Like I say, I am fine for the moment so will have to stop making my own soup. I am sure there are many people worse off than me. I just wish our sons would answer their phones, when I told them off the other day for ignoring me, they said they had more things to worry about with their jobs on the line so I have stopped bothering them.

Thank you once again.


Hi Sheila
There is a website called nextdoor and it links people in their local communities together. Someone posted in our area lately that they were in a similar situation to yourself and lots of people offered to help. They have set up volunteer groups to shop for those isolating themselves and even one to help the local NHS workers with shopping. It is really good for recommendations for local tradespeople too - from cleaners to builders, as well as what is going on locally - from the good to the bad. The local community policeman posts regularly. There is also sometimes general chat about what people are reading. If you go to - hopefully your area will be there. I find it interesting to read the posts even if I am not looking for anything in particular.
I am sure they will sort this all out soon - news said the shops are likely to prioritise home deliveries to the most vulnerable.
Take care

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Thank you,
I have managed to find a frozen food website that delivers and I have managed to order vegetable mixes and fresh fruit mixes. Twice as expensive as the supermarkets, but I am prepared to pay it until all this ridiculous panicking has calmed down. So panic over for a coupe of weeks.
Thank you for your concern.

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Good news sheila x

Hi i live in Cambridge its crazy round here people are barging each to get bits. Ive had to get bits for my elderly parents (i live the furthest away from them than my siblings) and neighbours round us who are in the risk group weve shared bits out that we can get its time to look out for each its how i was brought up by my parents.

If you private message me you village or town I’ll have a look if there is anything local to you which will deliver.
You could also make a request on your local page facebook for food stuffs/delivery. I think you’ll find local people who are willing to help. Don’t suffer in silence.

I’m afraid we are seeing a very selfish streak in most people. Survival of the fittest.
Unlike war times, people dont genuinely care for one another and are mainly out for themselves. I’ve seen it this week in my local area. 100 of us queuing to get into tesco at 6am.
People racing to get into parking spaces, smoking in the queue, joining the front of the queue when others are patiently waiting. The spirit of 80 years ago isnt there. These are very different times.
Very disappointing

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I live in a wee coastal village full of community spirit. We have a list of those needing help and a list of folk who can help. From taking someone’s dog out for them if they are in self isolation or getting their shopping. Looking after kids who’s school has closed and parents have to work. Sadly it is not the same everywhere as people are all out for themselves nowadays. Selfish and self centered, more interested in buying 200 bog rolls than thinking of other more vulnerable members of society :rage:

Dear MrsColt,

I live in a large city where I never see a soul from one week to the next, also I have a large detached end house that is surrounded by 10 ft flowering hedges and is high off the road so when I look out of the front window all I see are the roofs of the other houses opposite me. I live in the back lounge overlooking my back garden so my front lounge is never used. I honestly could be living in a house on an island for all the people I see, it is so very lonely that is why I was thinking of moving to a village in the country but all this has put paid to that for a year or two. All the clubs I had joined have now closed down so no trips out, no holidays for awhile. Luckily, I have a lovely warm home so mustn’t grumble, things could be so very, very much worse.
Please take care.

I know what you are saying Sheila, it’s a case of counting your blessings isn’t it. Things could be better but they could also be so much worse.
V xx

Dear MrsColt,
It is the same for us all really, but things seem worse without her husbands.

Love Sheilaxx

I know Sheila, if only we could self isolate with them instead of being on our own :cry: x

I will be honest, Peter would have never survived this pandemic he was too ill, his lungs were hardly working, he was on 24/7 oxygen and had to have high fat special foods which are now unavailable due to the panic buyers. He would have been taken into hospital and that alone would have killed him as I would not have been able to have been with him. I have, so many times wished he was still here with me but not now, I could not bear the thought of what he would have had to go through.