I have been going through page, after page on the web looking for online groceries and frozen food deliveries. Everyone I found stated, selling to existing customers only.
Then I spotted a couple and I have been able to order frozen food and vegetables and pay by my Pay Pal account.
I can now relax for a couple of week then perhaps things will have settled down a bit.
Not heard from our sons, even though I rang them but it went to voicemail, for all they know I could be lying ill with the virus.
I will now no longer rely on them doing anything for me, as far as I am concerned, they can get on with their lives and I will get on with mine.
Thank you for all your help and consideration.

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Hi Sheila im glad you managed to sort some delivery out its funny how the people you expect to help shy away when needed ive seen it with my siblings it shows peoples true colours. Kev

I’m really glad you managed to get and order in. If you do get stuck for anyting again, ask and forum members might be able to come up with a solution.

Oh Shiela, you been on here to long to give in like this. Yes things are bad but we, the bereaved people know it will get better, ok, not brilliant or what was normal but it will do. It will have to, your sons are like my sons and many, many more, busy trying to keep going, please give them some slack. If you really needed them they would know and be there, like all of us on our own the vibes go out. Yes we have so many challenges to deal with and the help comes in many different forms . Just hang in there and you know, just like me, know it will work out.
Blessings S

Dear Susie,
Thank you and I totally agree with you but when I see them on Facebook, posting to their friends, I just think if you have time to post on here why can’t you ring me or at least answer my calls. They are not young kids they are nearly 50 years old.
Please look after yourself.

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Sheila, I do know because both our sons live in different countries, same time zone but miles apart in so many ways but honestly their time is so different to ours plus did we have them to take care of us when things aren’t great? I didn’t and I think you would agree, they have their own lives to live, again different to our time with our parent. If you think it would help you, then tell them but be careful, the last thing you want is for them to think you are needy. Remember, tomorrow is a different day.
Blessings S

Dear Susie,
My sons live 15 minutes away from me so they have no excuse to not visit for weeks on end.

Sheila. We are all here if you need anything I’m sure we could sort it

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Dear Jooles,
Thank you, but I have not got it sorted out. I went on Sainsburys website tonight and lo and behold there were delivery slots for all day tomorrow so I have booked one and it is being delivered tomorrow morning early. They are now ensuring that the vulnerable are getting first picks of the slots and they have a list of shoppers in my age group. I expect the others will follow soon.
Thank you for your kind thoughts, they are very much appreciated.


Hi Sheila, I am sorry about your family, it’s not good for you and I know many on this site have families that don’t call often, it’s not easy. Pleased you got to shopping sorted, I haven’t tried online yet but I can see it on the horizon. You take care of yourself. S

Hi Susie,
I have now sorted my family out and they know where I stand.
Getting just a wee bit fed up of being stuck inside, it was so cold yesterday so lookiing forward to some hot weather.
Please take care,

hi Sheila
its a sad world that they didn’t even offer fetch food for you never mind visit.
dont know whats worse having no kids so your on your own ,or having kids who dont bother visiting.sorry they are being this way.hope you at least continue to stay safe and keep getting food delivered as and when you need it,
regards ian

I had a talk with them, over the phone and told them what was what and they said they thought I was okay for food, I told them it would have been nice to have received a phone call instead of just texting me all the time as I have not heard a human voice for three weeks now. My doctor told me to isolate myself two weeks before the official lock down due to my medical problems.
Anyway, now they are asking me to let them know when I need food and they will go to the supermarket for me when they go for their groceries.
I just wish the weather was better then we could all get out in the garden.

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