Parent moving on

I’m new to this group. My mum died 5 months ago after 10 long years of disability and pain. My dad was the main carer and I backed him up.
Dad has asked me for advice because he has met a lady whose husband died 3 years ago and is meeting her for coffee, as a date. He’s feeling conflicting emotions. I am pleased for him. Hes a kind and lovely man and deserves to have some companionship. It feels soon but this life is for living so I dont have issue with that and dad and I have discussed all this. My problem is that whilst I felt I was coping well with my grief this move for dad has made me realise that mum really is gone. I’m so emotional today and I’m trying to work. I want dad to be happy and to regain his life after so long being a full time carer. I’m just reeling today and i feel so sad.

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Hello @Fizz, I’m so sorry for the loss of your mum. I’m just giving this a gentle bump for you - hopefully someone will be along shortly to share their thoughts :blue_heart: