Parents Death

I am Karunakaran.M from India. I lost my father and mother within a week before six months due to Covid Pandemic.

This shock event turned my life into dark and I could not accept their death till now.

The deep grief, Unacceptable Pain, Loneliness, Vast of emptiness after their death, Panic on recurrence of this event will suffer other members remaining in my family, Fear on everything, No interest to do anything are affecting my moments in everyday life.

I am shivering to do a simple job also. Everything in life is threatening me. I feel this life hereafter is meaningless even my spouse and child are with me. I lost my parents support. I cannot see them hereafter.

I am losing my health and my life.

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Dear Karunakaran.m,

I am so sorry to read about the loss of both your parents due to Covid. Parents are so important in our lives. I lost my dad a few years ago, and my mum the following year. I loved them dearly, so I know what it feels like to grief. It changes your life. It must have been even harder for you to loose them to both so suddenly and maybe because of all the covid restrictions, you were not even able to say goodbye and have the funerals the way you would have wanted.

If you have read some of the posts and replies on this site, you will have seen that there are many people who can relate to your situation and I hope that it will bring you some comfort to know that you are not alone and that readong about how others have found ways to cope will help you too. How would your parents have wanted you to continue with your life? They brought you up and helped you to become the oerson you are. They will be forever in your heart, and you can teach your child what they taught you. Do you have a wider family or community to support you?

Here in the UK, there is a lot of support available, but I don’t know what the situation in India is like. I found 2 sites on the internet, that may be helpful for you: one is a national helpline for those who lost family member to Covid, the other is an online grief support group that meets weekly. Obviously I cannot check either of those, but here are the links for you: and

It is good that you have found this site and hope that you will make new friends on here who can help you in your grief journey.


Thank you for your words which give console to my soul. In India, there is no grief support group near me. I will follow the link you have sent.

Thank you so much!