Sometimes, like today, I am so low and lost after losing my parents, even five years on.

I was an only child. After their loss, I have not been able to re-enter the workforce because of losing my position while caring for my mother.

I was a journalist and my father was my support and coach.

I have struggled a great deal since their passing and emotionally, without them, I am hindered in moving on.

I have been coming to this board for years … sometimes it is easier, sometimes my life is as hard as it was when I lost them.

Hi berit

I’ve been on this forum for 2 years since I lost my mum suddenly and I’ve probably spoken to you. If not, I have read countless messages of yours

I often feel that I shouldn’t respond on this site anymore as my mum has been gone 2 years. My dad has been gone 23 years too.

But when I see that you are still posting 5 years on I feel differently. Losing our parents stays with us forever. I know I will never be the same. My mum was everything to me and I still see her in supermarkets, still think she has rung me recently, still wonder if she would like to come for dinner. Then I remember

I am changed forever. And it sounds like you are too.

Cheryl x

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I’ve been thinking of your post all week. I think we take the loss with us through life. Hopefully, one day it will become less raw!
In the past, I’ve had two elderly women in their 90’s talk about their losses decades previously. One lost all her family in her 30’s and the others her brothers when they were young in the 2nd World War.
Now that I’ve lost loved ones I understand those elderly women so much better.

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thank for the kind replies. they were thoughtful and I sympathize with your losses, too.

I do post a lot on here. I imagine if I overdo it, then perhaps people might scroll by.

but it provides a release. I am on here, now. :smiley:
I hope that you both find comfort on here, as well.