Partner died 4 weeks ago

My partner died 4 weeks ago and I can’t deal or cope without her, I don’t want to be here anymore, I cannot believe that she has gone

I miss her so much, no one knows how I’m feeling right now without you

I am so sorry to hear of your loss,it is unbearably tough,many of us on this site unfortunately do understand your pain.Keep in touch,I know it doesn’t change anything but it’s strangely comforting to know you’re not alone in this awful journey.Take care,thinking of you,Corinna xx

I just can’t deal with it, or believe she’s gone

Shazza, We all know exactly how you are feeling we have all been there or still finding the whole thing a bad dream. It’s hard, the disbelief is so hard to come to terms with. There’s no quick fix take each day as it comes, some will be harder than others, it’s not an easy ride but you will deal with it. Just as so many of us are doing. Find your way through the pain, we all have our own way of coping. We are all here for you and it will help to know that, so keep posting. Thinking of you Pat xxx

I’m on my own with this, no friends wants to be here for me, I feel abandoned by her family

I feel lonely even when there are other people around,because the one person who you want to be there isn’t.I prefer to be alone with my sadness,animals are my best comfort now.I have read many posts on this site from people saying they have been abandoned by family,it seems very cruel to do that at a time when you need them most.You have enough to deal with now without added stress.But I suppose it’s a way of finding out people’s true colours and realising you don’t need those who are not going to support you.Thinking of you ,Corinna xx

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It’s a sad fact I’m afraid that family do turn their backs on you. My husbands family have done just this. Won’t reply to phone calls or letters. I was so upset and lost sleep thinking what on earth I had done, we had never had a cross word before. Now I realise they just are not worth the worry and I am better off without them. I feel certain that one day when my grief is more under control that they will re-appear, but not really bothered anymore.
Being on your own through grief is not so bad, as I have found out. We don’t need people to get us through this, certainly not un-supportive ones. Really we want one person back in our lives. Unfortunately this won’t happen in the physical but we can keep them in the spiritual. You are not abandoned on this forum so dig deep Shazza, and find that strength. Good luck Pat xxx

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Know exactly how you feel as I feel the same. Its a terrible time ah! If you want to write your feelings down to me then please do as I am sure I feel just like you. My lovely Mike died 10 weeks ago and I miss him like mad too. Life is cruel ah! Want to be with my Mike bet you feel you want to be with your partner too. You are not alone! Sue

You’re not alone I know how you feel. My husband died 9 weeks ago and I still can’t believe he’s gone. I look at photos of him and think it can’t have happened, life can’t be that cruel. I feel like I’ve been ripped apart. A week ago I started writing him. I have a note book lying on the coffee table, I write down anything that springs to mind. If it’s something I want to tell him, or ask him. I write down how I feel, how much I’m struggling and how much I love him. I guess it makes me feel like he’s still here. It helps a bit. But still the pain is always there.

thank you for your email
So sorry to hear your sad news.
That is a great idea to write things down like you do. If it helps why not.
I must admit I miss my Mike very much too.
He was the most caring kind man.
I lost a lot of weight in a short time which made me feel quite ill and weak. What with having IBS and the stress etc you can imagine I have been feeling pretty terrible.
I dont know if you have waves like me one minute I am sort of ok next in floods of tears.
I have no family and all alone and feel so very very lonely nearly all the tiime.
I hate this life now without Mike.
Hope you get strong and able to carry on life.
Take good Care Suex


I’m so sorry for your loss. Loosing that one person you love more than anything, life can’t prepare you for that. Most people don’t really understand what your going through.
I too have waves, one minute I’m sort of ok and the next I’m crying so hard I almost panic.
Just like you I feel very very lonely. My husband and I did everything together. My own family is back in Sweden, I’m Swedish. I moved here because of my husband (he was English). He has a son from a previous marriage, a lovely young man. Unfortunately he doesn’t live here. We text each other but most of the time I’m all alone. I also hate this life without my Terence, he was loving, caring and ridiciously romantic, the love of my life.
I hope in time you will find it easier to cope.

Take care

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Good to hear from you and sorry for your loss. It sounds like you are suffering like me.
It is a very lonely life when you have no family ah! I hate this life and feel so scared too. I try going out as much as I can but suffering from IBS and with the added problems of stress etc sometimes well a lot I feel that it is impossible to go out.
It is helpful to know that there are other people out there who too are suffering like me and that we are not alone. Thank you again. Take good care and when you feel low email me and we can be low together. Suex