Partner loss and mental health

Hi all so in June this year my boyfriend was killed in a motorcycle accident,
We have been together for 5 years this month. I have never had to go through a loss like this ever I don’t know how I’m supposed to act or supposed to do seems everything I do is wrong in everyone’s eyes. I have many mental health issues and since June they have plummeted my medication has been put up I’m struggling to sleep I’m struggling socially I lose my temper quicker everything winds me up I was fired from my job 2 weeks after my boyfriend had passed (due to lack of customer service skills) every job I apply for I get rejected I’m on Benifits to try and keep afloat and now my landlord wants me out of the flat me and my partner had together because I’m late with rent. Cruise won’t help me nor will any other bereavement services.
You are my last hope before I give up on everything.

Dear Kerryw
There is no right or wrong way to feel things - we all react in a different way. There is no right or wrong way
I think most of us on this forum feel impatient, most of us find difficult to concentrate

Don’t give up
There is help available and I am sure some in this forum will have ideas where to go for help

Sending you love
Sadie xx
It sounds like you are in shock by your boyfriend sudden death

You seem very alone - can your family help you?
Have you talked with your GP?

It is a very difficult time and be kind to

It’s just me no family for support his family don’t talk to me. I have a new GP now and don’t know what they will be like I have a appointment next week for my heart palpitations and my stools (sorry) I’m just hoping they come across kind.

Since I lost Jack there is always something wrong me - coughs, wheezing, hip, falls … I think most of us have physical symptoms of our grief
Look after yourself
Sadie x

Hello Kerry - I’m so sorry to have read what has happened to your partner and what’s happened to you since. The mind is both strong yet fragile and it can only take so much before it starts offloading the anxiety through your body. Try not to worry about the palpitations, I was the same and it is terrifying. They ended up so bad that I had to have a 24hour ECG done but it came back clear. The culprit being the stress. It would be ok if it was that simple with my mental health which has taken a downward turn. Don’t bother about being bad tempered - it’s allowed. I hope your new Dr is a good listener Kerry and can support you as you deserve. Please don’t suffer with your pain in silence as that never ends well. Sending you compassionate thoughts Kerry.