Partner passed away

Hi All,

My Partner of 3 years passed away a month ago
I found out from FB, my partner got diagnosed with cancer and given months to live
He went back home to spend the time he had left with his children.
I just feel so broken and keep thinking someone is going to wake me up

Hi im so sorry for your loss it’s six months and five days since my soulmate of seventeen years passed away in my arms im utterly terrified and heartbreakon your in my thoughts x

Hi Ade

Thanks for your reply, it’s so painful isn’t it
You are in my thoughts also sorry for your loss


Hi there thanks for the message I feel for you no words can describe the pain and anguish all I want is my soulmate back in my arms take care as much as possible thinking of you x

I thought I understand how people felt when they lost there husband, wife, partner. Because I have lost my parents but my God Ive never experienced pain like this it’s a total different type of grief. I hope you are coping a bit better. I do get a bit of comfort felling he’s around me all the time now x

Hi Jane it’s the worst pain ever to describe my heart aches all I can think about is my soulmate it’s destroying mentally and physically thinking we’d have had tea probably watching television chatting instead another lonely silent night full of sorrow and despair im pleased your feeling comfort he’s around you I feel that at times just makes me want it all back even more i may ring the gp tomorrow im really struggling and not wanting to do anything it all seems impossible just want a cuddle and kiss my soulmate once more I’d do anything take care your in my thoughts x

Hi Ade

Please ring your GP
I had councilling also
I started grieving for my soul mate 5 mths ago when he went back to the kids I totally understood he had to
I have a lot of regret wishing we moved in together last year like he wanted us to
That way his children from a previous partner aged 14 10 and 12 would of been use to me around living with there Dad
I was under the mind frame save for a deposit and buy our own place then rent somewhere
thinking renting was just throwing money down the drain.
We was lucky enough so I thought to be able for him staying with a mate me my brother
while we saved
we finally got our deposit for an apartment and we bought it
Then our worlds came tubbling down he got diagnosed with a terminal illness less then 3-6 months to live.
He wasn’t even feeling sick just tired all the time
The kids obviously took it so bad they adored there Father and were utterly devastated
It broke my heart in to tiny pieces we spoke and said for him to spend what time he had left with the children.
So they could make a few more memories with there amazing Dad.
So now I’m left in this apartment we bought
feeling empty I don’t want to be here
I miss him so much
We should be waking up together
Instead of me waking up to this increadable pain

Try and get some councilling it does help talking things through
Here when ever you want to talk x

Hi Jane thankyou for the message and kind words it’s utterly heartbreaking I will try too definitely I’m so sorry to hear that like me all of our hopes and dreams have been stolen from us so cruelly and brutally your right waking up alone it’s soul destroying never felt a pain like it or will take care speak soon xx

Hi Ade

Did you get an appointment with your GP ?
Hope today’s been a bit better for you

Hi Jane thanks for the message yes I did the earliest is next Wednesday thanks for asking a really bad day yesterday Couldn’t bring myself to even get out of bed hope today is kinder to you take care x

I’m glad you got an appointment
I feel a bit worried over you.
You remind me of the total pain and I just wanted to give up
and it was a really scary time for me
But some how I have pushed through the last few months
Although I am still in pain it’s not has raw at times there are days were it’s a bit easier
I have gone back to work now
That was a massive massive step
I didn’t think I’d be able to do it

I don’t know if you believe in meduims I went to one the other day and what’s stuck in my head is she said our loved ones live through us now so they don’t want us in this pain because they feel it
They want us to smile and try to laugh again
Hope your day is a bit better today x

Hi Jane thankyou so much for your reply I’m utterly truamatised witnesing the whole events it wasn’t peaceful from the ward being rushed to critical care sitting in the room being told off the doctors and consultants that that day my partner would pass and I’d get some more time when the helmet mask as only k can describe was taken off that wasn’t the case as all I remember vaiguly a palliative nurse saying it’s time to say goodbye I’ll never say goodbye I always said I’ll see you soon every night when I left the hospital I do have a little interest in mediums but I know my angel would never want to leave me so either way will be sad as we had our future mapped out im destroyed mentally and physically feel z bit numb too thanks again for your kindness take care speak later x