Passing the time now I am on my own

Hal’s funeral was last Friday It was a lovely service and a beautiful summers day and our family and friends supported us. We were so tired over the weekend and today my youngest daughter has returned to London while the eldest and two grand children stay until next Sunday. That will be hard I have no idea how I will cope and fill an empty house and pass the time. I cannot walk far as Hal was my carer but I am determined not to go into a residential home as yet. How do those of you over 70 pass the time if you cannot get out?

I’m glad to hear that Hal’s funeral was a lovely service, and that you had lots of support. Many people do say that just after the funeral is a particularly hard time as they no longer have the planning to distract them and family and friends return home. Try to be kind to yourself and take things day by day.

I hope that some of our users can make suggestions of how they pass the time, but, in the meantime, you might like to have a read of this conversation - it is quite an old one, but you might find some useful suggestions there - What activities make you feel better?.

Tinamog. It is all so new and unknow that is difficult to know what you want what to do

My situation is different but I suggest you make a list of the things you used to enjoy - there courses on line , there are classes and the U3A - it all depends where you live and what transportation you have. There are groups that hat meet - book club etc

Some people enjoy gardening - I have started some cross stitch and it has been great therapy for me

Also this forum is great because there will be lots of ideas coming to you

Sadie x

Thanks so much as you say it is early days and I am struggling with day to day tasks st the moment and feelings of utter unbelief that my life turned upside down in four weeks. I can’t think beyond changing the beds after my daughter has gone home and I am on my own. But time moves on and I can’t stop it and go back I wish I could.

I don’t know what you believe but you may feel your husband arose nd you and in dreams.

I think you do what feels right to you and in time you will find ways to survive a bit better. - it is a very challenging time

Hope your day is going ok
Sadie x

Yes somehow he does not feel far away I just can’t see him. I am a practicing Christian but we still grieve like everyone else though obviously believe we will be together eventually. Thanks for talking to me the loneliness is the worse bit.