Dear Herb,. Sounds to me like your life was ideal, none of us are perfect, none of our lives were perfect but they were our lives and they were long and normal,. You loved your wife for who she was and the same with her I am sure,. And you sound like the sort of man that would have looked after her very well,. Be proud of that,. I didn’t get the chance to do that,. My husband was on medication that he tolerated well,. We saw the consultant who was very pleased with him and said his tumors were shrinking so he could have a two week break without meds and then have a different one,. A week later at ,11oclock in our library doing rhyme time for little ones he had a siezure and when I saw him again at 1 30pm he was on a life support machine and passed away 2weeks later from brain tumors they hadn’t seen,. So I am sure you looked after your darling well as I would have done,. You are doing well Herb and you are talking which is good for you, sending love and hugs xx