Peace & gratitude

To all my fellow grief companions, I will be thinking of all of us tomorrow, those where it is their first Xmas without their loved one, (like myself) and to those that have had many firsts. I will be spending it alone but then that is only physically true because our loved one’s will be with us, in our hearts, thoughts and memories. We just have to embrace that love that they gave us and to get through it the best we can. I wish peace for us and gratitude that we were blessed knowing great love and that we receive kindness from each other and also to thank Sue Ryder for this lovely site where we can all come together in a safe loving environment.
I will be lighting a candle tonight for all my family who have now passed.
I think it’s also important to be proud of ourselves of getting through to where we are now.


What a lovely post @Sarlyn. Yeah im lighting a candle too, Our loved ones are always with us in our hearts just not in the physical way we want them to be. Im also very thankful to everyone on this site, thinking of you all these next few days xx