People keep saying it gets easier

My mum past away in march and in the begining i was ok when i say ok i was stronger as time has gone on i feel weak and like i cant cope with the fact that she is no longer here. She should still be with us and is missing so much. I get really bad night terrors and cant function in the day as im so tired and drained. I feel annoyed at myself that im not as strong as i was. I have people who keep telling me it gets eaiser with time. I feel as time has gone on i feel its harder to deal with. I just need my mum.


I’m so sorry Natalie, I lost my Mum a year ago in March and despite people / loved ones telling me it gets easier, I still have days where I’m overwhelmed with the loss and feel like maybe I can’t cope. It comes from no-where, a few good hours or days even and I’ve even had a couple of good weeks, but then despair… Then I just try to focus on my Mums love for me and remember her always telling me ( before she was ill) - you have to go and enjoy and you have all of your life to live. This keeps me strong as I know anything less and I am failing her wishes for me. She wants me to go on - I know that. Like you, I need and ache for her every minute but I am hopefully carrying on as hard as it can be. Sending love and hugs to you


I am sorry for your loss. My wife died in March and I was told it would get easier and I will get over it. I am here to say it hasn’t. We were married 34 years and together for 35 that time is gone in a blink of an eye, the 103 days since she died have been the longest time ever. For me each day is worse than the day before and I wake up crying and go to bed crying and cry throughout the day. There are so many triggers that set me off and no rhyme or reason to some of them. I hate being alone and by that I mean I care for MIL who has dementia but it is like being alone. If not for her though I wouldn’t even get up in the morning. She is not the same as my wife but I care for her to honor my wife and my desire to keep her out of a facility. I miss my wife she was my everything, my whole world, and my best friend which makes it even harder because I can’t even talk to best friend about what happened to my wife because she was both and more.

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It will get easier as each day goes by
Just try and remember the good times and the fond memories
You ll never stop thinking about a parent but truly it does get easier as each day goes by

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