Perfect Place

This one is a bit personal…but I hope you can relate to it …and thanks for letting me share…

Eleven times we moved our home
To find our perfect place
We thought we’d found our bolt hole
Our forever space

You so embraced our new locale
In every single way
You loved our house, the street, the shops
And relished every day

We shared our lives implicitly
Did everything as one
And then one day my world collapsed
When I knew you were gone

And now I’m left to try and find
A way I can survive
I’m still in our perfect place
But only half alive

The house that was our sanctuary
Feels like a prison cell
And whether this will ever change
Is something I can’t tell

It’s tearing me apart to know
Our future’s been denied
So many things you loved to do
So many things untried

When I pass down though the park
To strole along the prom
Or visit our arcade of shops
You loved to walk along

Or when I see a flower or
Some birds you loved to watch
It tortures me to think of all
The things that you have lost

On Monday you would join the choir
Before a bath and bed
On Tuesday you would draw a while
Or picture paint instead

You loved to watch the mighty reds
To Anfield we would go
I never thought it would be me
Who now must walk alone

And when I go down to the pub
To watch the open mic
It breaks my heart to think
We sang our songs there every night

Our perfect place looks tiny now
Beside the space you left
Just like the hole within my heart
Still beating in my chest

In one respect, we got it right
But that is just because
You were taken from me so
Forever home it was

…miss you forever…:broken_heart:


You are so clever with words…

All I can say …
Home was our favourite place in the whole world…and so perfectly perfect. Which is why I have his ashes with me here at our perfect place. :revolving_hearts::house::revolving_hearts:


Thank you…I am so undecided if I can do this anymore …much as I want to…but I will wait for now…:heavy_heart_exclamation::broken_heart:

@UnityMan that is beautiful. You’re a very talented man

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Please keep posting UnityMan. I woke knowing that it it was going to be one of those days!! Then I read your heartfelt poem and knew that there are others in the same space as myself on this caring site. Your poetry is inspiring so keep writing.
Thank you.


Thank you Jenny …I’m glad it helps…it helps me to get it out :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Lovely words, I found writing poems helped me get things out, I’d never written them before. I wrote this one for what would have been our 25 years together, again a bit personal but it’s a summary our life together :heart:
Our 25 Years

Each in bad places and thats when we met
Light replaced dark those times to forget
We found a love that became so strong
It was worth the wait though it seemed too long

We each found our soulmate, the love of our life
Boyfriend and Girlfriend became Husband and Wife
Our tangerine dream day at our Blackpool FC
We made our vows together, forever we will be

We have made many memories and travelled near and far
Had our dream family home and your dream jaguar car
We watched our girls grow and find loves of their own
You retired early, our future seeds to be sown

We searched for a while for our place in the sun
You travelled to see them and you found the one
Our home by the sea you rang me to tell
It was ours to enjoy, you became Calpe Del

We had many happy times in our home by the sea
With family and friends or just you and me
Our favourite spot outside Paraiso Mar
Drinking Sangria de Cava in the Campfire Bar

That was us set for the rest of our years
But in December 19 our joys turned to tears
You were called by the Angels to live beyond the stars
But that life we built will always be ours

For our love knows no boundaries in my heart you remain
And I will carry you with me until we meet again

Love you forever


That’s lovely…and I can so relate to your words and story as it has many parallels to mine and Sandie. I never wrote poetry before this happened, though Sandie did. We used to play as a musical duo for many years and I have written songs but not Poetry. I’m struggling to play anything now so the poetry is a release I guess…:heavy_heart_exclamation: