Physical pain

I recently lost my Dad to sepsis. I have been very anxious not wanting to partake in every day life. Ive also found my arthritis has been much worse has anyone else felt this too? My Dad was such a happy man who whisteled all day and i miss him so much. My Mum died 4 years ago so now i am the oldest in the family and i feel it.

Hello @heather2460, I’m so sorry about your dad. I hope you can speak to your GP about your arthritis worsening as they may be able to help. Grief is hard work so please be gentle with yourself.

I’m just giving your thread a bump; I’m sure someone will be along to share their thoughts.

Hi Seaneen

Thanks for your kind words. I have just been to my Gp and im off to hospital for xrays just to make sure things are not any worse. Im trying to go easy on myself, unfortunately i have to go to Spain on friday to make a start on clearing Dads belongings im not looking forward to it as he wont be there​:weary::broken_heart: