Physical symptoms of grief

One of the things that people often don’t know about grief, is that it can cause physical symptoms as well as emotional ones, for example:

• Aches and pains
• Problems sleeping
• Lack of energy
• Changes in appetite
• Being more prone to bugs and illnesses

What physical symptoms have you experienced? Do you have any tips on coping with them?

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All of these being experienced!

In terms of the appetite I make my own soup as find that very comforting and easy to eat. I find making it cathartic as well and enjoyable. Nice smell in the house as well.

I have a bath with soothing bath oil or bubble bath every night, usually quite early in the evening and go to bed early even if I can’t sleep.

I wake up very early and if I haven’t got to get up for work make myself tea or a coffee and take it back to bed and relax for half an hour. This really worked when my Father passed away many years ago, Mum and I used to lie and chat together in her bed until getting up time. It seems to be helping now I have lost Mum.

Would really welcome any tips from others.


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Thanks so much for sharing your tips and letting people know what works for you.

Go and see a friend with a pet if you can, stroking the pet be it dog or cat is very soothing, see if someone would let you take their dog for a walk you will always get someone talking to you even if it is just a hello.

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I keep going through stages where I think my heart is going to stop. I’ve seen how suddenly it can and now think that will happen to me.

I remember when my Dad died, I was feeling sick for days afterwards and I didn’t feel like eating anything, which just made me feel worse because I couldn’t concentrate at school. I think, as hard as it is, it’s vital to look after yourself when you’re grieving. Doing something for yourself each day is nice, just to relax, like having a bath, cooking a nice meal, reading a book etc.

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