Physical symptoms


I’m just curious if people are experiencing physical symptoms during grieving and effects on their bodies and if so what?

I am very anxious, worried a lot, angry, tense, scared, I don’t settled, I’m agitated, restless, my digestion gives me aches in my sides or abdomen that moves about, I get gassy, low concentration and I have to really focus on what I’m doing to pay attention to it. I do have 4 kids so tuning them out is super hard especially as I must now be invisible as they never listen to anything until I become a raving lunatic. Drives me mad trying to hold it together while screaming inside and falling apart. I’m just not able to relax.

Thanks x

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Hi @MThomp78

So sorry for your loss.

I have experienced physical symptoms of grief. I have IBS anyway and the shock of losing my Mum suddenly and the accompanying grieving has brought about considerable digestive problems. For the sake of being polite I won’t go into so much detail.

Grieving also makes you more susceptible to other illnesses.

If it’s minor and not worrying you too much then hopefully it will pass. If its concerning you then do take medical advice please and take care of yourself.

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I have experienced health problems especially with my stomach, digestion etc! I have been very anxious about this which makes it worse . It has got worse since my anxiety has heightened, I am grieving my dad and the loss of the family home, I can’t seem to move forward, I’m trying to address the stress as it is making me feel worse.

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Hi @Toothy

So sorry for your loss. I can only talk about my personal circumstances but I have suffered with fairly bad digestive related symptoms. I do suffer with IBS already

A few basics- make sure you’re doing everything you can to take care of yourself. Try to eat regular healthy meals even if you find your appetite has gone. As much as you can try to make sure you’re sleeping when you need to. If you feel able exercise will help too - even if it’s just a short walk. Grief is horrible but if you focus on doing things to take care of yourself your physical symptoms might start to settle.

If you’re finding yourself concerned about physical symptoms then do make sure that you get medical advice.


Thank you @Ryan82


Thanks. I rang the doctor before Christmas and they took bloods to check it out. All clear. I’ve just had a weekend away without the kids and had none of the symptoms. I was able to just be. Do nothing and be. It made a difference. Obviously that’s not every day life but it showed me that I have to find the balance and make some me time. Very hard with 4 kids though. I also have IBS.
You feel so surreal and try to keep it together to not fall apart, just to ground yourself. You don’t realise how much you hold in until it becomes something.

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Digestion seems to be a common hit. As if we don’t have enough pressure on ourselves without added extras.
I lost my Dad too. It still hasn’t sunk in. Anxiety is the next physical kick.
I do find exercise helps. A 10 min daily thing. I find following a video on YouTube helps. I focus and feel less on my own. I do zumba or dance. It’s strange to say alone because we have 4 kids and my husband also lost his mum 4 years ago 4 weeks after our youngest was born so it is an emotional one for him too.
I find grounding myself with 5 things I can hear, can see, can smell, can touch and say them out loud helps to keep me down to earth. Focuses my environment and helps me remain calmer. Try it.