Please listen and take something from it. Its beautiful...❤️

Hi @Jennifer71, thanks for sharing this song :blue_heart: We can’t embed Facebook reels here, but I found it on YouTube:


O M G that is so beautiful and true he just beat me to get there :cry:

Thank you for sharing.
The words are beautiful.

Seaneen, thank you so so much for finding the song…
It really touched me and in a strange way helped me a little :broken_heart:
I just was hoping it did the same for others too … Big hugs to everyone :hugs: xxx

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Thank you for sharing this @Jennifer71 the words are uplifting and comforting and helped me too.xxxxx

Thank you for sharing it really helped me 14 months in

Not sure why but this reminds me, my husband always used to check us in at hotels whilst I stayed in the car with the kids. He’d go have a look round first then come back for us. How amazing would it be if in death he’s just done the same. Checked in before me.

Thank you so much for sharing !! Beautiful!!! Could listen to it all as made me sad but I will for sure

Much love to all xx