Please listen to this song

Anyone who wants to here a must apt song look up
I dreamed I was in heaven by Charlie landsborough
I cried my eyes out :sleepy::sleepy:

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Thank you, it’s beautiful. I did cheat by reading the words first but it’s sung with such love. Take care and once again thank you. S xxx

Thank you so much for sharing. This is so beautiful,

Hi Misprint it’s a lovely song I’m going to add it to enya if I could be where you are and Tom when tomorrow starts without you which have been my absolute saving grace when I’ve been at my lowest thinking of you especially over next few days xx

Misprint . That is lovely. There is a poem along similar lines called ’ When tomorrow starts without me’ . Having lost my partner Jo nine weeks ago to cancer this poem made me cry.


Peter that is a beautiful poem made me cry too😪