Poem to my Pa

Anthony Risby taken from me on 27th October 2022
Love you so much Dad.

My eyes wander and look for you
I long to see a sign
Every different day that dawns
I pray for a moment from the devine

The silence is consuming
More overwhelming than you’ll ever know
But your strength helps me through
And my eyes then overflow

You deserved so much more
Than this bitter end
But I know you wished to protect us
Even more than we could comprehend

Your kindness and words of love
Rest upon my soul
They help shape the person that I am
And make my heart whole

Your smile and charisma light up a room
Your laughter and chat about things beyond the moon
Your hard work and drive is instilled within me
You did everything you could to stay with us three

You loved life and cherish ever moment
You alway beat every opponent
Your and fighter, the iron man, my Pa, my hero
I wish so desperately you didn’t have to go.

I love you more than words can ever say
And your memories are there day by day
Somehow I have to go on without you
I want this just be be untrue

I promise you I will smile again
I promise you I will never give up
I promise I will always work hard
I promise I will believe in good luck

Sleep soundly my pa, rest your eyes.
I hope heaven is beautiful, just a see you later, not a goodbye.


@LilyR1 what a beautiful poem :blue_heart::heart: you bought tears to my eyes thankyou for sharing xxxx

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This is so beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes… the first few verses Sum up my first few weeks of grief more than you can imagine. I hope your healing somehow. Thank you to sharing your beautiful tribute x

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