Grief is the past time nobody wants /
First of the club that nobody else understands except those already in it /
In shells of despair and no brief respite except sleep /
Loneliness is an understatement and home isn’t that fun anymore /
Died when you died - whatever innocence and childhood adolescence I had left /
I wish the bad dream would end but this is my reality now /
Death was sudden and we had no time to understand how bad the cancer was / barely 10 days of confusion and 2 days prior of you dying the actual truth /

I am broken and my heart is cracked. You were my safety net and now it’s beyond comprehension to try and exist / I miss you so much. And I will miss you for the rest of my life.


What a lovely poem. I am so sorry for your loss and pain.


I wish beyond wishes that he could be here still. But he would be more sick, in agony and not our Steve as we knew and loved. I just hope he’s here still and not in pain. Logic and realistic things say otherwise but my grief desperately wants otherwise

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