Poems help me

I lost my partner after a 3yr battle with stage 4 cervical cancer.
I turned to pen and paper and started to write poems of my experience.
I believe if i write my feelings and thoughts down as i experience them ,i relieve my tension instead of building it up.It works for me.
Here are a few ive wrote.
People say when loved ones pass,
That time is one good healer,
Well 8 months down that awful path,I’m still a non believer.
Everyday my thoughts get strong,
And one becomes a dreamer,
But the dreams don’t do what I want them to do,
"My love"I just can’t see her.
The path I take to help in grief just gets a little steeper.
If life does not improve from now,
My answer is to meet her.

What is my purpose,
What is my dream,
Is life meant to hurt us,
Why is my life so mean.
Life is a test,
Life is a mission,
Life has no rest,
When you’ve lost your ambition
Life is 10 years in a HMP prison,
Life is too long when I loved one is missing
Life can have hurt,
Life can be pain,
Life ain’t a cert,
Life is to blame.
My life is on hold,
My life is on ice,
My life so I’m told,
Is a roll of a dice.
Life can be fixed,
Turn your Fortunes around,
You’ve lost your true love,
Happy memories youve found.

My partner and I were never prepared,
For what the specialist doctor said,
We hoped the chemo worked but dread,
To tell you that the cancer spread.
Our palative nurse tried to dull the pain,
But time after time it was bad news again.
I just had enough of the pain being raw,
My impulse was to punch the sitting room door.
I need some space to Digest bad news,
My love of my life I was soon to loose.
How do you deal with such a dilemma
My Love for Cheryl will last for ever and ever.

My son ,love him to bits bless him.
Has started training in american wrestling.
This was a long lost dream of his and my late partner would have loved to witness him in the ring.
She would have been his best fan.
This poem is dedicated to all in his wrestlers.

My son is such a special lad,
I couldn’t ask for more,
This year has been a testing one,
He’s never had before.
He’s coped with death some other way,
A way I’m not aware,
I’ve asked him what his feelings are,
But he doesn’t want to share.
He’s taken up a dream of his,
He followed as a tot,
He finds himself in the wrestling ring,
Quite often on his bot.
I think he can achieve,
His name next to the best,
He carries on improving,
And his colleagues are impressed.
It means I have to drive him,
To venues near and far,
There’s even times he doesn’t fight,
But sells tickets at the door.
He finds no job to small or big,
Sometimes he earns a fee,
That means to wear his black-and-
As a stand-in referee.
Before his mam’s cruel passing,
He did not do too much,
There was always talk of joining groups,
But nothing happened as such.
Louie is an all round player,
I love him for just trying,
If it wasn’t for a certain guy,
“His idol” thank you Brian…


Dear @Vonde

I am sorry to hear of the loss of your partner. Thank you for sharing your beautiful poetry with the Community. Poetry has been known to help with processing feelings either by writing or reading. I am glad writing poems is helping you, perhaps one day you can turn your poetry into a book.

Take care.


Thankyou .
They do help and i would never beleave i would turn to poetry.
This episode in my life has really changed me as a person.

Such beautiful and moving poems Vonde. Thank you for sharing them with us xxx