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Today I visited a group of people that were all grieving. It was called a Pop Up Good Cafe Trust and I was pleasantly surprised. It was held at a delightful local cafe and you can walk in or out as and when you wish. It was like being on this forum but face to face. I heard about it this week on the local South Today news but apparently it’s been going since September and when I looked it up it is spreading all over the country for people such as ourselves to call in and chat and can be started in any region. A few months ago I could never have joined in with this group but I found it most productive and actually enjoyed being there with people like yourselves that really understand. Hopefully one is coming to my town so that will be great. I think something like this is long overdue.


We could really do with that here.There must be a lot of bereaved people that have no one they can discuss their feelings to.I’ve tried all over Hull but nothing.

hi Pat
not some where I could envisage going.but if its working for you and others will find it comforting, I hope more are set up over the country to at least give bereaved people an option.

Sorry the full name is (I think) Pop in Good Grief Cafe trust. Look on the website there might be one starting up by you and there might be information and they want volunteers to get them started. The cafe I went to is a delightful local cafe and you can have a drink or something to eat if you wish. I found it very relaxed with no pressure and you can walk in and out as and when you wish. .Unfortunately I could only stay a short time as I was on my way to another venue but will be looking into it further and going to the next meeting in January.

Ian I would never have envisaged going to this cafe a few months ago myself but I managed to go in and pleased I did. I hope that I might be able to help out and be of use at some time in the future. I think they will bring together a community of people that need support as does this forum. Perhaps friendships will be formed for lonely people, who knows.

Maybe it’s something that Sue Ryder could look into

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the Good Grief Pop up cafes that were opening up nationally. This morning on GOOD MORNING on BBC there was an interview regarding grief and the mention of these cafes. I have visited one and found it very pleasant, so if you want the company of like minded people that understand loss take a look around your area and see if anything is starting up or if you can help to start something in your area. You might find info on the website. Not sure if there is going to be another interview today though.
Take care

I watched that and felt very emotional listening to the two women.Maybe someone might start one in my area.

Hi Jill if you go on the website they are calling for volunteers to start them in all area’s. They are taking off in my area but I might look into volunteering. In the group I attend every month there are people that have got together and arranging for members of the group to meet up at other venue’s. From what I can see it’s something that is needed. Meeting up and chatting with like minded people. In some cases friendships are forming. Can’t be bad.
Pat xxxx

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