Practical help

I think the lack of practical help hindered me in my grieving process. I always seemed to be in a state of panic. No-one I knew had experienced the shock of their spouse dying suddenly. I realised a few weeks down the line to always send documents by Special Delivery. It seems like common sense now but then…I was in a state of shock and not thinking clearly. My husband’d Will - I thought it was lost in the ether. Same with marriage and death certificates. Government agencies are difficult to circumnavigate. With banks ALWAYS state reason for telephone call as Bereavement rather than hoping to get through to the right person. I know some of you will know these things already but for me it was a difficult learning process. My anxiety sky rocketed. Love to all on this difficult and heartbreaking journey.


Dear Jools100

Yes the systems and processes do not help those of us grieving. I went through the bank two days after my husband’s sudden loss and they cancelled his cards only for their internal communications to fail and the credit card section sent the outstanding monies to collections. I am still trying to get the monies that he had in his Paypal account but hoping to see the finish line on this one soon. Organisations don’t care about our feelings, there is little is no empathy shown. xxxx

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Agree so much. Empty platitudes of being ‘so sorry for your loss’ then proceed to make things as difficult as possible. It’s disheartening when you’re trying to remain strong and sane.