Preserving Memories

Four months on since my loss I’m gathering and preserving our memories. Shortly after Joyce passed I found our 132 love letters, we exchanged during the two years before we wed, and Valentines cards she’d kept in a valise :slight_smile: I discovered I could dictate the letters into my Macbook so I can word search the pdf file I’ve made. Many tears as I first read and saved the letters but a lot of happiness recalling her concerns and hopes for our future. Including both of us writing,”We should read these letters when we’re old to remember what we’ve got”. So 47 years later, I’ve gathered 334 photos, many from facebook posts, and whenever I feel down I review the pics and usually smile through the viewing on my laptop and feel better. Finally I have precious videos, many quietly recorded by my younger son, and I can hear her voice and laughter again other than in my head! I dream of her at times in colour and hear her speak; don’t recall ever remembering dreams in this manner previously :slight_smile: Take care all, Jim


Hi . That is a lovely way to keep your memories . And such love still having all those letters . Xtake carex


Hi Jim.
It’s lovely to hear that you have all those love letters and how you are preserving your precious memories. I am doing the same for me and my husband Ron who passed 3 mth ago. I have every Birthday, Anniversary and Christmas card that we sent each other over 30 years. We always wrote a loving and humorous verse and it’s fair to say these became longer over the years to the point of being like poems and we’d joke about the pressure of thinking about what to write. I’m so glad I have them, it’s wonderful just to see his handwriting too. I will be selecting two to display on our anniversary this Thursday. Like you I also have lots of videos, many of which feature us chattering away and laughing whilst taking in our surroundings on holiday etc. I watch them with a smile on my face and sometimes through a veil of tears but it feels like we are together and it makes me feel better too. It’s become a welcome pastime organising them into dates/places along with photographs. Wishing comfort to all x