Private messages

I think a lot of users new to the forum don’t realise that they may receive a private message.
If there is a number next to the envelope you have a private message waiting for you.

I’ve sent P.M.s to people I wanted to help and they can’t be bothered to reply ! Its upset me when I’ve gone to a lot of trouble. Sadme

Hi Sadme & Dalejackie , this probably sounds daft but how do you send a P.M , feeling really stupid . Jan

No, it’s not stupid at all.
Next to a person’s name there is a little envelope sign, click on that .
Then your private message will only go to that person.
I use it if I think my circumstances or experiences might help somebody .
If there is a number next to the envelope you have a private message, again click on it and you can read and reply just to that person. Jx

I often send messages and get no replies. but we can only ‘cast our bread upon the waters’ and hope someone has been helped. It’s impossible to keep up all the time with replies as so many come on here. Not everyone has a way of expressing themselves in writing, and so often embarrassment plays a part. Not wanting to make fools of themselves, which would never be true on this site. I used to find so many get tongue tied when trying to express emotions in counselling. Some of us have what the Irish so eloquently describe as ‘The gift of the gab’!! Not always a good thing but it does help on occasions. Blessings to all.

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