Does anyone know how to private message since the alteration.

Thank you.


Hello Sheila,
You can find your private messages by clicking on your profile picture at the top right of the screen, and then selecting the envelope icon. This will take you to your private message inbox. There’s some more step by step instructions here, if that’s helpful:
Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with.
With best wishes,

Thank you so much. I think if there were less icons and more words, like my email icons have i.e. you can either show icons or words for the icons it would be much easier.


Hi Eleanor,

I cannot find the link to message the admin directly anymore, whatever I click on I can’t find it so I have had to reply to this message.

At the top of the page, next to my profile there are three lines, it states ‘1 message not read’, but when I check, it then states, all messages read, which is confusing.


Hi Sheila, I also found it difficult to find a way into admin when I was having trouble logging in as I needed to be logged in!!! I managed to find a message that I connected with and this connected me to admin. Once they replied to me privately I had a connection then. Like you one minute I can find something the next it seems to have disappeared.

Hi Pat,

The biggest problem I am having is when I receive an email from someone on the forum. I click on the reply to forum but it takes me to a page that states I am on the wrong page and there is noway to log in. I have to go to the Sue Ryder website itself, log in, then come out again, click on the email again, click reply and then it takes me to the message. It is so annoying and such a long way round of doing something.

Hi Sheila,
Thanks very much for picking up on that - that’s a really good point. We can get a log-in link added on that ‘page not found’ page that you are seeing, so you won’t have to go the round-about route.

Dear Priscilla,
Having a log in page on the page not found link would be great as many of us don’t log in before we click on the emails we receive from Sue Ryder but log in when we see the log in box. The reason I didn’t contact you is that I cannot find a link that takes me to Admin. There used to be a list of things on the right of the website where you could click to email you but that has now gone and I have looked everywhere for a new link but cannot find it.
Sheila x

I too had a problem trying to log into Admin, I had to search around until I found a way to get there and don’t ask me how I managed it in the end.

We will get there in the end.



We will get there in the end/

Sheila xx