Has anyone been thru probate? If so how long did it take.
I’m okay for money at the moment but I don’t have unlimited savings.
Anyone else struggling with the financial side of a bereavement?
Money most certainally brings out the worst in people!

Yes,I did it for my.mother and it didn’t take very long (less than a couple of months ) as long as you fill in the forms properly and send the will, certificates and paperwork they need.
They have to be cautious and rightly so . I’ve heard some dreadful stories!

Thank you . It’s proving to be a nightmare

I found it as dale Jackie did, but I decided to let the solicitor who made our wills do it.
I know obviously I had to pay for it, but it meant one less thing to get stressed about

The other executor is dealing with it, think I might get someone else in, taking too long to apply for it.

Hi silverlady,

I’ve just been through probate. It took 12 weeks from submitting the online forms to receiving the grant of probate certificate.
The solicitor who was holding mums original will wanted 1500 plus vat to do this for us.
It took approximately 1 and a half hours online. You just need to know exact details of any money,property, investments and gifts and upload the death certificate.
You then post the original will to the address they provide once you have submitted the form with the reference number they give you.
Send the original will by tracked, secure delivery.
The worst bit is waiting for the certificate as I have only just started closing mums accounts and its painful, almost like you are erasing them all over again.

Hi thank you my hubby had so many investments I had to get 15 death certificate
Got three policies that are taking their time to respond. Gets very wearing x

That does sound more complicated than my mums estate. Once you have it all submitted it should take 12 weeks.
Good luck x

I did my first probate application 20 years ago, for my Dads estate. Then my Mums 5 years ago, and 18 months ago my husbands. It’s really straightforward. You find the value of policies savings etc and submit it with a certified copy of will. You are then invited to attend and swear the oath and you get the certificate of probate and additional copies if needed. You provide copies to the financial organisations who have funds to realise and they do. Remember to ask for the certified copy back. Make a list of who you sent it too and date, ticking off as it’s returned. I numbered them to keep me right. It saves a lot of money, even filling in form which you’d need to give the details for can cost close to £1000.


Oh, and you need to provide a certified copy of will, if any, to the Probate office. This is done by a solicitor, but should be expensive. You don’t get it back.

Sorry, should NOT be expensive!

A good tip that worked out for me, if you have an accountant, he should be able to do the Probate paperwork for you, a lot cheaper than a solicitor.

Thank you all, gave a gentle kick up the bum today to the slowpokes. Hopefully will be able to submit the forms soon. X

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