I am so sick of problems that I have to deal with on top of grief. Today I have a gas engineer here to replace my gas meter that has not been working since January. This is finally happening after 9 months of phone calls, emails etc. But there is an issue with replacing it, not sure what yet. This morning Virgin Media also went down. I have no tv, no broadband and no home phone. There are no known faults in the area it is specific to me. This is the 2nd time this has happened since my husband passed away 7 months ago. The last time I needed a new hub. Honestly I feel like screaming. Everything is so bloody hard without all these additional problems. Sorry but I just had to vent! I know others on here will understand how overwhelming this all is.


I sympathise with you, I struggle to use the infernal washing machine, all of the potions used for cleaning all of the different surfaces in the house are alchemy to me, the steam generator iron has not been used since February when my Joan died, when things go wrong in the house I get angry for leaving me on my own, I appreciate all the hard work she put in to make our house a home.


Totally sympathise with you. All the handyman work and cleaning were done by my husband. Now that he is no longer here I am as to how I am going to manage if anything went wrong. Take care. xx


So get it. I’m ok when no difficulties but as soon as something goes wrong and I don’t have him holding me saying it’s going to be fine, don’t worry, I’ll sort it, then I’m back to my loss, my fears, my worries and life goes back to being so hard.

But through meeting people on here, I have a support network that pulls me back out of the hole and gives me the strength to keep going.


I sympathise with you. All the internet stuff was his domain, as was the boiler and the tax. I’ve had to deal with all these issues since he died 6 weeks ago. It’s a nightmare that I didn’t ask for.

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That is exactly how it is ….everything is going wrong now he’s gone . One example The fridge sounded like a car engine . It was a sauce bottle that had got to the back and frozen up . This week it’s a clunking noise from the back of my car . I had such a man to lean on

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