proof they are still here

last night i was standing on the landing watching for son to come home and hubbys ashes are on the corner shelf and sometimes i will always say something to him or moan at him while i am up there. anyway last night i said i wish you would give me a sign you are still around, anything. never thought any more about it. then later on i was watching NCIS and LOTSW by flicking backwards and forwards on the channels. at the ned of NCIS there was a black guy who rejoined this group and they started singing this song. It was Halleljah one of pentinox’s songs. It was my hubbys favorite song, he was always asking me have i listened to it, have you listened to the words etc, tbh was getting on my nerves in the end. but if anything told me he was still around it was that. of all the songs that could have been done it had to be that one.


Hi suef1 I am constantly smelling my gorgeous beautiful wife sues favourite perfumes and body lotions in the house.espcialy now as its my first one without my wife sue. I am dreading Christmas now


I spray her favourite ones on my pillow still (27-05-2022)
Still as painful as before but more so this Christmas as the “fog” has gone and I am acutely aware of the absence of my beloved wife Marian.

May the peace at this special be with everyone of us who grieves openly or quietly in a room on our own.

Gentle hugs, john (and marian)


mine has been 20 months i am used to it now, life goes on as much as we hate it and miss them


@SueF1 I definitely think I get messages from Trevor’s spirit. He died 6 weeks ago. He was keen bird watcher and on the train last week I saw 20 Common Cranes beside the railway line. Have never seen them from the train before in many years of travelling that route.


I lost the love of my life on 29th October… so its all very raw still. I went to a spiritual church on Sunday …i was told about it and suddenly had this urge to go! I was amazed at what I was told… things no one would know and it proves that my Jimmy is still with me! :two_hearts:


I lost my Husband in March after 38 years together. I had a really bad day and it was a day when i didnt want to live anymore i couldnt see the point. I cried myself to sleep and awoke when i felt a massive hug. I was being squeezed. and i could still feel it briefly when i was awake. I knew then that he was still with me and this did happen. I felt comforted and that has helped me. Sending love to everyone going through this horrible situation :heart:


Several months ago out of the blue I went up to my bedroom and Annie’s song was being played on my old Alexa device. It completely freaked me out as it was my mums favourite song by John Denver. Repeatedly I asked Alexa to stop playing it as it was upsetting me a lot. Alexa didn’t even reply to my command to stop. It was then it played another one of my mums favourites and Alexa just wouldn’t stop. I asked my dad if he had requested Alexa to play it he said no he hadn’t not even my daughter knew. Yet I know I had been like thinking about my mum wishing he was here. I know now my mum was letting me know she was still with me. Ok it did freak me out. And it was heartbreaking but it was beautiful at the time In the end to stop the music I turned Alexa device of at the wall put it back on. The weird thing is I contacted Amazon to ask if there was a record of the 2 songs playing and there wasn’t.
I now believe our loved ones can reach us through our technology even when we don’t expect it. How else wouid you explain two random songs being played that day


@sable i would love to go to one of those. my cousin did many yrs ago and was told there was a man sitting sitting there wearing a raincoat and had a trilby and had balding hair swept over on top and it turned out it was a description of my dad and he was sitting next to my cousin


Steven think my gorgeous beautiful late wife sue is playing tricks on me .the other day . I put a set of thunderbirds dvds on the coffee table for when I was going to bed and watch them they have disappeared and my disclock keys for my motorbike have disappeared as well.luckily my bike was chained up instead of the disclock on it .sues definitely sending me signs and keeping me on my toes lol


Hello wow what a lovely thing to say lol. It made me smile. It makes you realise how lost we are without our loved ones in our life’s I sometimes think my mum is keeping me on my toes. I got a pretty good life I live with my dad because I want to look after him I know it’s what my mum want for him


I went to see a Medium a couple of months ago and he was brilliant. He also told me that your loved ones do move things around to show you that they are with you.
I had a painting taken down off the wall.and placed on the floor against the wall. I think that was my Stewart giving me a sign he was with me. It was all too neatly done and that was stewart to a tee.


I’m not sure I would go and see a medium. I think it would be to upsetting for me


Hi sue I know exactly how you feel I lost my husband five months ago I was exactly like you it does get better I did a memorial garden outside put is ashes there put lights all around and plaques and a little Xmas tree.Xmas will be very hard this year I am going to my daughters has they don’t want me on my own then we are going down beach put flowers in the sea that’s what he wanted on Xmas day god bless you xxxxxxxx


I came across this poem by Walter de La Mare. It’s called Mistletoe and it spoke to me about an experience I had had. I lost my husband two years ago and have felt him very close on a number of occasions. It is very comforting and very real at the time. The last line of the poem- “No footsteps came, no voice, but only, just as I sat there, sleepy, lonely, stooped in the still and shadowy air, lips unseen, and kissed me there”.
I think it is beautiful and I have included it in a number of cards this year to friends in a similar situation.
Wishing that we all find some peace and joy this Christmas. God bless.


Thank you all for these beautiful stories! I have had many experiences like these from different people who have passed over the last 41 years! I am so glad to see them here among all the heartfelt posts of deep grief.
My most recent grief, of which I have written here on these pages, was the sudden death of my husband Bruno on May 20, 2019 in New York City, USA. Although it is already 4-1/2 years, I sometimes still can’t believe it. I do feel his presence all the time and he does send the cutest signs, very often through electrical means!

I strongly believe these are comforting signs of our loved ones. I believe this especially so because of my Catholic understanding of the Communion of Saints (the basis for why Catholics pray to the saints who are just the souls of people who have passed into eternal life).

I have tried to analyze – for a non-believer, or rather, a non-experiencer–how we know they are signs from a loved one. This is what I came up with:
– CONTEXT is important. What else is happening – or not happening–when the event occurs, especially if it is connected to or makes you think of your loved one.
–YOUR INNER FEELING such as awe, wonder, chills, gasp, loss of breath for a second.
–ELEMENT OF SURPRISE as these events just happen, often when we are not expecting them.
–SYNCHRONICITY: the psychologist Carl Jung’s concept of meaningful coincidences; when outer nature matches inner nature. This offers a somewhat more seriously thought out basis for odd coincidences.
Thank you all again for sharing your experiences!



Dear @SueF1,
Since I lost my wife in July 2020, I have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as a coincidence. Things can happen, perhaps very subtly, and often we are not aware of their significance at the time they happen, but I have experienced so many things in my 3+ years that I have concluded they cannot possibly be coincidences. I think we just need to try to be more receptive and open-minded about the possibilities.


Well said, Alston56! I am so sorry you have lost your wife’s physical presence. Happy that you feel her eternal spiritual presence!