In one post recently a person said that she had not realised what Post Traumatic Stress Disorder could be like. It had not crossed her mind at that time, and that is what we may all have to a greater or lesser degree. PTSD is an exaggerated form of anxiety and is caused by intense and prolonged stress. Soldiers on the battlefield may do what they have to do as soldiers and witness death around them. They may go on even in a fearful state because of a sense of duty. When it’s all over they may collapse and have PTSD. It takes a long time and the right treatment to come out of it.
We too have suffered a life trauma. Loss such as ours is difficult to cope with and is a life trauma every bit as bad as the soldiers’.
If you feel you are so stressed and may have PTSD then professional advice is needed. Going it alone is not an option.
Please don’t think that everyone in grief will have PTSD. It depends so much on your temperament and the way you see things. Anxiety is very common in grief and one should never feel ashamed at feeling up tight and anxious. Many well meaning people will say ‘pull yourself together’ and while it hurts and is not wanted, there is some truth in that. We are ‘shattered’ and that means fragmented, in bits. Our minds run wild and we conjure up all sorts of scenarios that will never happen.
Good counselling or the help of wise friends can help a lot. Never bottle up emotions. They will out in some way and often physically.
Take care all. Blessings. John.

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Thank you, John, it is good to have you back, posting your words of wisdom. I hope that you are feeling well.