Hi, i posted some messages a few months ago after losing my mum in September 2022 and had some very good support and advice. At the time i was awaiting bereavement counselling from the hospice who cared for my mum. Unfortunately this didnt work out and it was ceased on my doctors advice after 3 sessions. I have now been left with PTSD and having daily flashbacks of my mum so ill leading up to her death. My GP has re- referred me for CBT but today i was told the waiting list is minimum 10 months long. Unfortunately i do not have the funds to seek private help. I just wondered if anyone has had PTSD following a bereavement and if so how did you manage it. At the moment it is really affecting my life on a daily basis. Thank you

Hi @Sharon2205 I’m sorry for your loss.
I lost my mum in October last year very suddenly although she was 85 and not in the best of health.
It was devastating finding her and I had problems processing the grief due to that traumatic image and flashbacks.
I had Emdr which is for ptsd therapy involving eye movement (not hypnosis) which is very effective and helped me. I don’t know the circumstances of your loss, but it may be worth looking into. It really helped with the trauma aspect. Hope this helps.
Kate xx