Hi everyone
How do you guys feel about moving on? Is there a right way to do it? I still class myself as married and don’t want to be a widower, am I living in cloud cuckoo land?
I know she said move on and live you life but without her just feels wrong and disrespectful,


There is no right way, everyone is different. The brain, the mind, is remarkable and takes its own time to evolve. Time does not heal it simply allows you to manage things better. What I say to people is that I am existing day by day, the future can go hang itself, I’ll face it when I’m ready. Stay strong. I deal with things by singing about them. My Friday Girl (remastered) - YouTube


thanks for the words @Darling
its exhausting and dont think i will ever be able to accept it, life now is just a pointless exercise

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Hi Stuey999,i feel exactly the same.My wife told me i should find someone else and make a new life back in the UK.I could never find someone else.Tanni was the love of my life, my world,my everything.I will be moving back to England eventually because i feel all alone here now she has gone.I miss her so much.

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I am still, and always will be, married to my Richard. I love him and still consider myself his wife.
I intend to live a life but no plans for it to include anyone else as a significant other. I have my daughters and friends and hopefully grandchildren one day and that will be a decent life but empty of the one I really would love to still have in it.
When people ask how I am I simply say up and down depending on what is happening. I think I’m doing quite well considering the love I have lost.
Karen xxx


My opinion is, my Martin is still my husband! No one could/would EVER take his place! He’s my only true love and soul mate. I totally believe he’s waiting for me, and as painful as it is, I’ll wait for him.

It’s so hard for us all to be left behind, but I take my marriage vows so seriously, I took that vow in front of God, and will patiently wait until I’m reunited with my amazing husband.

Sending a big hug to all… xx​:broken_heart::heart:


Hi Stuey,

You sound as conflicted as I am. Please don’t feel guilty, and, you’re not living in cloud cuckoo land! …you obviously had a great relationship with your wife and quite naturally you would like to have companionship again. Maybe now isn’t the right time for you. That being said, don’t close off the possibility of finding new love. Sometimes love can enter our lives unexpectedly. It will never be the same as the love you had for your dear wife, but if you manage to find good companionship again, that can only be a good thing.
I only hope I can follow my own counsel!!