Re: Recent loss of Mum

It’s not been quite a month since you passed
But the pain l feel still lingers on
I cry…it creeps up on me
I struggle to motivate myself without you beside me
There’s nothing l can do that doesn’t remind me of you
The emptiness l feel is like a weight inside me
Oh how l wish this was just a bad dream and
l could wake up tomorrow and you’d be there
But another day l have to struggle through
No direction or path to show me the way
Or why this has happened, how could this be
Tell me why, what’s now my reason for being
I miss you so much, I love you so dearly
My Mum, my friend, I’m so lost without you

Beautiful words Lynne. I am truly sorry for your loss. It’s been seven years since my mum passed away and I think of her everyday. Me and my sister often chat about mum and the funny things she did. Sometimes we burst out laughing, that’s what memories can do - they can make us laugh, they can make us cry. I am so grateful for those memories. Only last night I looked at a photo of my wonderful husband, who passed two and a half years ago. On it he was really, really laughing. I recalled the moment that photo was taken and I burst out laughing too, a real belly laugh. If anyone could have seen me they would think I had finally flipped, because to anyone looking, I was staring at the wall and laughing my head off :joy: xx

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