Reality check...another one...!

I have just watched the Rio Ferdinand documentary that focused on the death of his young wife, the Mummy of his three young children and the difficulties of bringing a new partner into his life and home.

As heartbroken as I am without my amazing husband around, and I am heartbroken, I cannot help but realise once again, how extremely lucky I was to have what I had for the years that I had it.

I believe my hubby was too young to leave this earth and I know for fact he thought that too but, to lose your partner at such a young age and your children lose their mummy, and having to deal with the children’s grief as well as your own must be absolutely devastating and such an awful time in anyone’s life.

Add to that the pressure you must feel when you’re fortunate enough to find a different person to walk your walk with, in the hope that you may find some happiness for yourself and your children to take into your future, that can’t be easy either.

I have so much respect for all concerned in the documentary and I hope they can enjoy a happy and fulfilled life as a family for many years, whilst keeping their loved one that has died alive in their hearts and minds.

You can’t beat a reality check occasionally and an opportunity to be thankful for the good things in life. My husband, our marriage and our years together were absolutely the time of my life and yes, I miss him so, so much but, how very lucky was I. Luckier still because my grief is all I have to deal with. I don’t have small children with broken hearts too. For that I am eternally grateful :heart:


Thank you my lovely CW, I needed that. Yesterday morning I was rather tearful and again this evening on my way home from work. I’ve been feeling a bit sorry for myself so that was just the kick up the bum I needed.

I agree, we were so lucky to have had our men. What David and I had was truly special and I hold on to it always.

I need to watch that programme. What a special lady to take on a widowed man with three children. I hope they all live happily ever after. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Bless you lovely Kate. Don’t cry :revolving_hearts:

Sending you love x

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I’m going to watch this later. I did try last night but had to turn it off as I got upset. Again same as you I think how lucky to have had my mum until I was 45. My friend died when she was 44 leaving behind a toddler. A 12 year old. And two teenagers. Who are now in and out of school with expulsion as they have gone off the rails.

I watched it last night…it was very emotional but how brave were the children involved to speak about their feelings. I have experience in my immediate family of this situation.

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