Really struggling without him

My husband used to help me through the hardest of times - he was my rock. I still face those difficult situations and conflict but he’s not here to support me anymore. I really wish we were together.

Hi Stella, I know how you feel, my husband was my rock, we faced so much together and now he’s not here I feel I have to be so strong but really I’m so tired of being strong.

Oh dear Meggy. It’s so painful isn’t it? I speak to him and wish he could answer me. I really want to believe I will see him again one day. If I knew I would, life wouldn’t be so hard.

Hi Stella,
It’s so hard, facing everything on our own, they’ve always been there to support us , like you say our rock, life’s so cruel .
I talk to my husband and hope he can hear me and hope that I will see him again , the thought of nothing kills me.
Stay strong.
Steph x

The sadness in all your posts is so heartbreaking I feel the same its 9 months since I lost my soulmate and his empty chair and the silence are just to much to bear,
I’m so very lonely tele is no help try to read or knit but what’s the point I’m just treading water till I can be with him again
Take care everyone

Hi Linda555,
It is heartbreaking how so many of us have lost our husbands. You’re right about treading water, that’s how I feel, just waiting to be with him again.
I do feel guilty for thinking that, because of family, but he was , is,my life and it seems my life is nothing without him .
We are just trying to fill in our days now, it doesn’t feel like living anymore, just exsisting.
Sorry to go on, feeling sorry for myself.
Steph x

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Hi like you on here I lost my husband 5 months ago. I wish I could talk to him about what is going on in the country/world. I talk to him and try to guess what he would say. I just go through the motions of each day. It is so hard, I know some people are going stir crazy and with social distancing it is very hard. However I feel that I have been social isolating for some time now. I feel safest at home, closer to my hubby. I hate the silence also and will have either the radio on or tv. I like to knit but are struggling to concentrate on that. I’m sure I will be able to pick up the needles again for longer periods of time.
Please all of you be kind to yourselves, this is so cruel what we are going through. Be kind and stay safe. You are not feeling sorry for yourselves you are going through very painful and difficult times. Take care xx


Hi thank you for your post, we should be more kind to ourselves, it is so hard.
We are trying to cope with the worst thing that could ever happen to us .
Take care x

I feel your pain my partner passed in November in his sleep during the night and we have 3 young boys only ages 7,3,1 so it’s really stressful and I felt like I was just starting to be able to deal with it and I feel like it’s just hit me again really do miss him so much :broken_heart: and my boys don’t understand it all breaks my heart

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Hello All, my husband died suddenly 7 weeks ago, he was only 57. He was a lively character, the house is so quiet, just me and my 15 year old son now. Every day I miss him, its more of a struggle that we can’t see anyone else at the moment too.

It’s terrible isn’t it? I’m at home with my two teenage sons who spend most of their time in their bedrooms so it feels like I’m alone. One of my sons broke down last night but wouldn’t talk about it. I feel like we’re drifting apart when all I want to do is to give them a big cuddle.
To lose someone close is bad enough but Covid 19 make it feel like it’s unbearable. Roll on some sunshine xx

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Yes, with teenagers you do feel alone. Grief hits in peaks and troughs, some days are better than others, but at the moment with this isolation it is a struggle. Yes, we will all feel a bit better with a bit of sunshine when we can get out and about again xx

I am so sorry for the loss of your lovely Husband it must be so hard for you with such a young family. The shock is horrendous & for your kids trying to get their head around things must be terrible for you to witness. There are no words that can or will make you fell any better. The people on here know exactly how you are feeling as we have all been there & can empathise & offer you support so please keep posting. This lockdown does not help things either does it?
V xx

Clare, I am so sorry for your loss. The quietness is deafening isn’t it, especially if your Hubby was a lively character. Mine was the same so it is a lot to get used to & as you say this lockdown does not help as you cant go anywhere or do anything. Things are bad enough without this :roll_eyes:
Sending you positive thoughts
V xx

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Thank you V, we are lucky to have this group, things could be worse couldn’t they? xx

I have found that on here you hear some stories that make you count your blessings so yes you are right Clare things could be worse…………or could they :wink: x


It’s so hard I have 2 children age 26 and 24. Your children are so young I’m struggling to cope with the loss of my husband 6 weeks ago I hope you have family around you to support you. X

It’s so hard when we lose a loved one I lost my husband on the 22th March I’m finding it very hard with out him by my side I don’t know how I am going to copy without him we did everything to gether want every where to gether he helped me do things I could not do I know I’m not coping I blame my self cause I was not at the hospital when he died I did see him the day before he passed I could not hold him or kiss him I think I have let him down I don’t have anyone where I’m living to talk to how I am feeling as all my family in Yorkshire I really need to chat with people n I’m soo s for your loss .from Angela king

Hi it’s so hard my husband spent 2 days in hospital and was told only days to live I brought him home in the Saturday evening and he died on the sofa. 2 months now I feel worst than ever I wished when I was told on the Thursday only days to live I d brought him home then we all have regrets/ guilt but he knew he was home x

This is the first time I have posted. My husband died 2 weeks ago. We had been together for 50 years since I was 14. I just can’t imagine life without him. I knew it was going to happen as he’d been ill with cancer for 7 month, but the reality is unbearable. Last night after the clap for the NHS my neighbours presented me with gifts & 1 neighbour played music in memory of my husband. It was so nice of them but today I feel worse than ever.

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