Really suffering from anxiety

It’s been three weeks since my wife died on xmas day.the funeral was yesterday.god my anxiety is through the roof cant sleep every time I wake my mind is racing.can this be normal please help

Yes it is normal unfortunately some people suffer more with anxiety than others especially if you have suffered with it before. It’s my main symptom. Horrible awful feeling. I Find classical music helps me. I just sit quietly with it on. Light some candles. You can look at some herbal supplements like kalms and rescue remedy helps too. Also a good cry releases the tension too

Hi Allsop, It’s sadly normal alright, we have all been where you are. Anxiety seems to be the main symptom of grief. Try to find something that will help to calm you. I am a walker and when I feel that pain I go out into the countryside walking with my dogs. I am also a keen gardener and grow my own vegetables this was a therapy also. Take it slowly, don’t be afraid to cry, this will help to relieve the tension. Some of us write a journal/letter to our loved ones every day. This helps. Talk to her as if she was there with you in spirit if not in body. What helps you is fine, we are all different. WE all understand on this forum, we all know that intense pain and confusion so don’t be afraid to share your feelings.

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Thanks for the suport I have sufferd with anxiety before but this though.i know its early days.i am going to try and back to work next.week as not use to sitting in house I think it

Hi. There. Yes is the answer to that. most emphatically. If the funeral was yesterday then you must try and take it as easy as you can. We often think we are gong crazy with such a loss. The pain can be almost unbearable. I say ‘almost’ because somehow we do cope and take baby steps and move on. I feel for you because one day after the funeral I was in hell. Anxiety almost inevitably follows bereavement. It all about fear for the future. What will we do without them! Now it’s essential you take care of yourself. It’s so easy to lapse into despair. Who wouldn’t? It’s a life trauma we have suffered, and how could it not cause anxiety and pain.
This is a good place to be. We all need support. Blessings. John.

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Thanks john is good to know I am feeling what other people feel.too.when anxiety it’s so bad

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I’m currently sitting here and my heart is pounding. My head is spinning. I feel riddled with it today. Isn’t it awful?

Have you got some rescue remedy from chemist it does seem to work for little while

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Yes I do use that at times. I’m already on meds for anxiety have been on them since I had my son. Can’t get off them now. However at times like this. A little grateful for them as they do take the edge off

Yes its terrible .I had it before was on meds I had got under control. But since my wifes death its come back really bad .even when you know what it is you cant seem to range it in

Allsop - like the others all I can say anxiety is normal now
Actually - you will find out that any feelings and reactions you have are all normal
Jack died 15 months ago and my sleep is still disturbed - we all react in different ways
The advantage of this site is that what ever you feel, whatever you say people will ubderstand
sending you love
Sadie xx