Redirection of mail???

Help can someone tell me when filling out a redirection of maik for my dad
He stayed in Ireland
Ive filled out most of the form
But what do i put when ir says new address?
Do i put my dads name
Then my name
Of care of then my address?

I think you put your address and his name, so that when the letters come through you can get in touch with them and explain the situation, it’s going to be hard for you getting these letters, but I think this what I would do x

But my brothers girlfriend dosent want me to get the mail redirected
She too contrlolling had to mu ch to say.
Im concerned incase sny important letter
As they will start to pile up behi nd thr door
And dont know when i will be able to go over to irelsnd because of this covid19
Its ruined my life
Taken a lot of choices aeay from me

You must do whatever feels right to you, these are hard difficult times, but worse for you, take care of yourself x

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I cant causes too much conflict
And why does nobody ask how you you? How you feel?
Even friends dont see them anymore well cant really see anyone with the lockdown
None of them ask how i am.
My broyhers girlfriend knterfiers takes too much control my brother listens.
Dads fakily dont reslly acknolege me think cause my brother elsest but what about inbolving me in decisons?

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