Reduced to tears by uncaring company

Today I had to cancel broadband services over the phone with a major company following my Husbands passing away 5 weeks ago. Granted, the contract was in my name but I told them I was having to leave my home and with regret needed to cancel. They wanted to charge me over £300 cancellation fee and refused to make a gesture of goodwill or even offer a “sorry for your loss”. Not even relenting as I was reduced to tears midway in the conversation. Not very nice.

Hi Tina

That’s really awful - they maybe legally entitled but they are being inhuman. I know you have so much else on your mind and to do but perhaps a letter to a newspaper consumer column (e.g. “Consumer Champions” in The Guardian) with a copy sent to your broadband company Head of Customer Services may help.

Thinking of you, best wishes.

Tina i completely understand your upset (im sorry if the word is too timid ) ive had this .They just deal legally and they did the same to me re my wifes mobile phone they wont even cancelll that no im sorry for your los its awful friendship hug Colin

Hi Tina

So sad to read this, sadly some people don’t know what to say or how to behave. As you say even if it is company policy a simple sorry for your loss would make all the difference.

Hold your head high, the fault is with them and not you.

Mel xx

Thank you very much for your comments, that is a good idea. Regards. My Husband loved TV and internet and it was traumatic because it was like another little piece of him leaving me by cancelling it.

Thank you for your comments. Sometimes I believe these large companies act this way simply because they can. Whatever happened to goodwill and compassion. Once again thanks for the comments. Kind regards

Many thanks for your comments. A lot of companies mainly act with compassion but with this one it seemed to be all about the money. Thanks again for your comments and kind regards

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