Hey everyone the hospice I was going to for my counselling offered me some complimentary treatments.

Today I had my first session which included reflexology and oh my goodness it really brought my anxiety down and it’s the most calm I’ve felt in a long time.

It apparently works by releasing energy blockages and getting the energy flowing as it should.

I guess I’m recommending reflexology to offer some help, I was pleasantly suprised at how effective it was.

I didn’t know much about it before but I looked into the benefits of it after my session and it mentions it’s good for grief.


I’m having private sessions and so far had three,just on my way for the next one. I find it does help me generally but in particular I always get a good nights sleep after the session.
I also listen to the music on Spotify which helps me and started playing it when I go to bed.
Reflexology can help in lots of ways,before my wife died five weeks ago we used to go together so I know it can help. Sadly it can’t bring her back and that’s all I want really.


Arh I know what you mean, it completely sucks. 5 months I lost my beautiful Mum and it isn’t getting any easier, if anything it’s getting harder every single day.
I’ve been so stressed and depressed it actually makes me feel really poorly. So todays session really helped me.